Musician Of The Week

Robin Khatsernov


Psychology Major

Oceanside, N.Y.

What is your instrument of choice and why?

Guitar, because I grew up listening to rock bands and I thought it was the  coolest instrument. 

What are you involved with musically?

I’ve been in various bands and I also write music.

Who are your biggest influences?

Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Paige, The Beatles, John Mayer and Keith Richards.

Who have you been listening to lately?

The Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles, Neil Young, Aphex Twin, The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin. 

What’s your plan for the future?

Get a job in which I help people and make the most of my ability — no matter which field I go into. 

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Play the kind of music you love and not what other people want you to play and practice as much as you want to.