Musician of the Week: Jacob Yoder

Photo by Maxwell Reide.

YEAR: Fourth

MAJOR: Anthropology

HOMETOWN: Bridgeport, CT


What’s your instrument of choice?

Classical Guitar


What are you involved with musically?

I just play for fun and as a meditation mostly on my own. I sometimes jam with friends and with my roommate, but I don’t play in a band or anything.


Who are your biggest influences?

In terms of classical guitar I am extremely inspired by incredibly talented musicians like Estas Tonne and Amin Toofani, as well as many others.


Who have you been listening to lately?

 Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of new agey rap music which does not relate so much to what I play, but classical wise I have been listening to Estas Tonne a lot.


What’s your plan for the future?

Get better at classical guitar while transforming humanity through the pursuit of anthropological research and whatever other means I find possible.


Any advice for aspiring musicians?

My advice is that a lot of techniques can sound really good and aren’t as hard as you might think. It’s worth really working on something for a while to expand your ability. Also, always have fun with your playing. That’s why it’s called playing. Also, try different things and explore what’s possible with your instrument.