Musician Of The Week: Nicole Bader

Name: Nicole Bader

Year: Third

Major: English

Hometown: Monroe, N.Y.

What’s your instrument of choice and why?

My voice because I’ve been singing since middle school and I’ve been doing everything from opera to a cappella and it’s a lot of fun. 

What are you involved with musically?

I’m in Absolut Acappella and Epic-Glee and sometimes I’m in the Miami Theatre Players’ shows. 

Who are your biggest influences?

Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, Heart and Fleetwood Mac. I love unique vocalists with strong voices. They all sing with a lot of passion, which is great. 

Who have you been listening to lately?

Ellie Goulding and Panic! At The Disco

What’s your plan for the future?

I’m an English major so hopefully a publishing job but I’d love to make it to Broadway.

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Just because you’ve been put down or denied doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Always do everything with all of your being.