My Top 10: Female Television Characters

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Time for the next installment of my top ten list of television characters, this time of the female variety… despite the fact that I am indeed pop culture illiterate and am in no way qualified to create such a list.

1. Cristina Yang

My person. That’s all there is to it.

She is a “Grey’s Anatomy” 10th-season-certified badass. She is smarter than any of us and lets nothing stand in her way.

2. Emily Prentiss

“Criminal Minds” fans have really been through the ringer with her. We all thought she was dead and then thought, “Oh wait okay, I guess not?” and didn’t see her again for a long time. 

Now she is back at the head of the Behavorial Analysis Unit and despite the loss of Thomas Gibson … I’m not completely unsatisfied with the tradeoff.

3. Camille Braverman

There is no better Braverman than Camille. She truly defined what NBC’s “Parenthood” was all about … no wonder all her kids turned out so good.

4. Grace

I wouldn’t be surprised if I go through a similar struggle later in life to Grace of Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie.” I would definitely marry the type of man who would cut off my credit card without telling me in the midst of a divorce.

5. Frankie

Frankie, you are my Mary Flanagan and I am Mary’s Grace. Grace is incredibly mean to Frankie and Frankie constantly needles and annoys the hell out of Grace, yet they are the best of friends. This is the life I lead alongside my friend and foe Mary K. Flan.

6. Rachel Greene

I’m still taking applications for a husband with the last name Greene as to capture some “Friends” flavored irony in my already ironic life.

7. Karen the Computer Wife

Karen is honestly the voice of reason in “Spongebob Squarepants” and I find that I identify with her a lot in terms of being smarter than my various life partners.

8. Callie Torres

I know, another appearance for “Grey’s Anatomy,” but this girl is definitely worth it. She is unapologetically Callie in the most beautiful way, and young girls could use more characters like her to look up to.

9. Rachel

Although ironically Rachels keep popping on this list, I promise it’s not a conceited thing … because they’re all spelling it wrong. This Rachel is the prostitute that Doug kills in “House of Cards,” and she honestly is one of the few likeable characters in this show. 

So yeah, of course someone would kill her.

10. Eleven

To be honest, not a huge “Stranger Things” fan … I know, blasphemy. But this girl was so cool and that is all I have to say.

That’s all, folks!