NFL New Year Party Possibilities

andrew liefOn Tuesday, March 11 at 4 p.m. a large football will drop from the sky in Canton, Ohio to signify the start of the 2014 NFL year.

Okay, not really. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should totally look into that.  With the NFL’s empire growing larger and larger each year, it would be the perfect way to kick off the start of the NFL year.

I would only want this broadcasted on one T.V. station, one that isn’t direct game broadcasting partner of the NFL, so the best on-air people from each network can be involved.  Because of that, and so the party can get a little R-rated, the event should be broadcasted on HBO.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself what this event would consist of, and that’s totally understandable.  So, here’s exactly what will take place:

The event will start at 2 p.m. and go until 6 p.m. The host and analysts will discuss what each team’s goals should be for the off-season to improve their team for next season.  The insiders will provide the audiences with the rumors that they’re hearing of where they expect players to sign once free agency begins.  Once free agency does start, they will instantly provide breaking news of where players have signed. The crowd reporter will interact with the people who are in attendance and ask what they’re most looking forward to for this upcoming season, as well as what they’re cooking at their tailgate.

The non-football part of the event will consist of a stand-up comedian, as well as some musical guests who will provide some amazing entertainment.

Here’s the people who should be working during the NFL New Year event:

Host: Rich Eisen (NFL Network)

His wit, to go along with his ability to command a broadcast, makes him  perfect for the Ryan Seacrest role for this New Year.  After breaking six seconds in his annual 40-yard dash, Eisen is at the peak of his dominance, further making him the perfect man for the job. He is the face of the NFL Network and there’s no better person to be the face of the NFL New Year.

Analysts: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers Quarterback), Kurt Warner (NFL Network), Steve Young (ESPN) and Trent Dilfer (ESPN)

I don’t care that these three current analysts are all former quarterbacks, because they’re all smart guys who aren’t afraid to share their opinion and don’t let their egos get in the way of what they are trying to tell the audience. I think it’s important for there to be a current NFL player involved with the broadcast and Rodgers is the perfect person for the job. He has an outgoing persona and there’s nothing going on with him that will take from the broadcast to make it revolve around him.

Insiders: Adam Schefter (ESPN), Chris Mortensen (ESPN) and Jay Glazer (Fox)

ESPN’s duo of  Mortensen and Schefter to go along with Fox’s Glazer would provide the audience with endless amounts of information. These guys are the best in the business and would have all the scoops on rumors prior to free agency. Once 4 p.m. hits signifying the start of free agency, they’d know of all the signings taking place.

Crowd Reporter: Erin Andrews (Fox)

Andrews is the perfect person for this role. Her charming personality, along with her knowledge of the game, would make for a lot of great interviews with the die-hard fans in attendance.

Entertainment: Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

How much fun would this lineup be? First, Fallon would perform some standup for the crowd to get them loose.  Once the crowd is ready, Timberlake would come out and perform “History of Rap Six” with Fallon.  Once they’re done, Timberlake would perform a few songs.  For the grand finale, Beyoncé and Jay-z would perform together, alternating songs and doing a few songs together.

So, what do you say, Goodell? Let’s make this happen.