Not a Fan of Fox’s “New Girl”

"New Girl" Tuesdays at 9 on Fox
"New Girl" Tuesdays at 9 on Fox

2.5 stars

Everyone will come across a handful of people they simply cannot stand in their lifetime. Sometimes it’s that dork who quotes “Lord of the Rings” constantly. Maybe it’s the self-absorbed individual that writes their own theme song and dances to it.  Could it be the girl who can’t get over her less-than-average boyfriend? Zooey Deschanel (“500 Days of Summer”) attempts to portray all the people whose quirks drive you crazy on Fox’s “New Girl.”

The show chronicles the adventures of Jess Day (Deschanel), who finds herself homeless when she catches her boyfriend sleeping with someone else. Jess finds shelter in the apartment of three typical men who share their secrets and bad habits with her. The show attempts to showcase how “the new girl” helps the three stooges maneuver their way through a slew of hilarious issues. Then at the same time, strives to highlight how the boys can find a way to accept and love Jess, quirks and all.

Audiences will fall in love with “New Girl,” not because of Jess herself, but because of the humor and warmth the supporting cast brings to the show. Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston (Lamorne Morris) and Nick (Jake Johnson) are well-written characters who each bring something new and exciting to the world of TV.  Nick introduces the sensitive side of men, Coach (Damon Wayons) reminds us that some men don’t have game and Schmidt is a satire of every self-centered jerk we’ve ever met. In many instances, they carry the show and Jess just rides on their coat tails.

Deschanel does her best with a strange character. Jess is a mess of contradictions: shy one minute, outgoing the next. It cannot be easy to make all the personality changes seem natural and Deschanel makes a worthy attempt. As a main character, Jess is under-developed and it may weaken the show as a whole.

Though the show has its flaws, “New Girl” will make you smile. The plot lines are clever and cute, which is what seems to entertain this generation of TV watchers. It also helps that Deschanel is a favorite, which will bring in more viewers as well. Overall, “New Girl” shows the hilarity of everyday life and will leave viewers feeling like they have met a few off-beat new friends. The show has promise: it has the potential to hold its own among the other hits on Fox and should stick around, at least for a while.