NP Fit Pics: Account Showcases New Paltz Street Style

A little over a year ago, NP Fit Pics took the campus by storm with its first post of a student wearing jeans that they used as a canvas. With only 47 likes and one comment, it wasn’t much, but it was just enough to get the account going. Today, under its new management, NP Fit Pics has never looked better. 

NP Fit Pics is an ongoing Instagram project with a mission to photograph and document students whose outfits stand out. The more interesting, creative and out of the ordinary your outfit is, the better! But, the current photographer and account runner says it isn’t just about looks. 

“I want to document people that clearly put thought into their outfits and are having fun with what they’re wearing,” said the new management of NP Fit Pics. “That’s my favorite thing to see— when someone is confidently wearing something that goes against the grain.”

The Instagram account has set out to do more than just promote style on campus, but build confidence and community in the student body as well. Just by taking someone’s photograph, NP Fit Pics tries to promote self-love and appreciate those who stand out. 

“Because of the advantages of social media, specifically Instagram, it’s a little bit of digital affirmation and confidence booster for people when I take their photograph,” NP Fit Pics said. “It’s a pleasure for me to see the pleasure that people get out of having their photo taken.”

After managing the account for a little under a year, the previous account runner and creator felt stagnant in their photographs, and looked for someone else to take charge. Now, under the new account runner, they have started using a professional camera and showcasing students outside of just their friend group or those that dress similarly to them. 

“Surprisingly, I don’t think New Paltz has that big of a fashion catalog, and that makes my job a little harder– to find people who don’t dress like everyone else,” NP Fit Pics said. “But when I find someone that’s original, it makes my job all the more satisfying.” 

The account has previously featured, but is now more interested in documenting the students and this particular niche of New Paltz.  

As for the photographer, it’s important to stay anonymous so that bias doesn’t come in to play. It also gives NP Fit Pics the opportunity to showcase people in their natural setting as organically as they possibly can. 

“It’s not about who I am or my photography skills. It’s about showcasing other people. I get to look at the world around me and share that with others.”  

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