Oracle Hall of Fame: Vince Carter

Vince Carter is this week’s featured athlete, who wore No. 15 for the majority of his NBA career. His stint with the Toronto Raptors was his most iconic; many basketball fans have the iconic scenes of his 2000 All Star Game dunks planted in their brains. Carter is still playing in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks. The University of North Carolina alum’s first game, astoundingly, was over two decades ago in 1998. Despite his time with the Raptors and New Jersey Nets early in his career, he has since been a journeyman, playing for the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings, respectively.

Carter holds an ample amount of impressive league statistics due to his seemingly endless 22-year career. He leads all active NBA players in games played, with 1,533. He is second in active players in minutes played, with 46,260. “V.C.” is third in points for an active player, with 25,688. Additionally, Carter is ranked third of all active players with field goals, scoring 9,278. 

On an opposing note, he also leads all active players in fouls, with 3,987. Topping all of that is eight All Star Game appearances and being the winner of the 1998-99 Rookie of the Year award.

Although the Floridian 43-year-old sadly hasn’t won a championship yet, his longevity in the sport certainly isn’t common, and the fact that he brings a valuable veteran presence to any team he joins is awe inspiring.

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