Pioneering Press

Combine creativity, social issues and a large variety of contributors to get the new local publicatoin, “Social Pioneering Monthly.”

Corruption, food industry flaws and racism are some of the topics the publication will be addressing in their magazine.

This grassroots magazine currently has one issue out, “Corporation Corruption,” and is run by the Social Pioneering Monthly club on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

Co-presidents, second-year Sociology majors Alexis Polokoff and Zachary Rausch started this club in October and printed the first issue completely out-of-pocket through PDQ Printing in town.

The glossy magazine is filled with poems, art, illustrations and other submissions from students, faculty, anonymous artists and alumni who felt strongly on the month’s topic of corruption in industries and how it affects people.

“I feel really strongly about the power of words and art to drive people,” Rausch said. “So [many issues] could be dealt with if people were informed, motivated and were empowered enough to be active on political and social issues to vote or at least care.”

Polokoff said she is passionate about getting the word out about different issues in the world and doing it in a creative way. She said it is important to her to keep spreading awareness on topics that really need public education.

“People know what racism is but [we want to highlight] how it actually affects people and how it’s so prevalent today and how it can change,” she said.

Each edition covers a different issue. Polokoff said this publication’s goal is to educate people through this interesting medium. She said this illustrated approach is more eye-catching and she thinks it will make people more interested in important social issues.

“People don’t want to sit down [and read] usually,” she said. “They want to flip through something quickly and that image or poem will stay in their head for a while.”

Anyone who submits can interpret the month’s topic however they want, she said.

“If they’re for it, they can even do that. It’s all about getting your own voice out there,” she said.

This month’s topic is about the flaws in the food industry, entitled “Menufacturing” about GMOs, fast food and other issues. Polokoff said she is hoping to have a December issue on racism.

At the end of each month, the club votes on what topic choices should be considered and then a poll goes on the Facebook page, SUNY New Paltz Social Pioneering Monthly, for people to decide on what they want to see in print.

“I want it to not just be an exclusive club,” Polokoff said. “I want any student on campus to submit [material] anytime if they show an interest and they want to.”

The club meets on the first and last Wednesday of every month at 4 p.m. in Student Union room 208. Whoever wants to work on their pieces or ask questions may meet the club every Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Sojourner Truth library in the media section.

The club accepts submissions from any SUNY New Paltz student, faculty or alumni. Submissions can be sent to