A Playlist For…Your Bi-Weekly Mental Breakdown

The mental and physical energy required to be productive is enormous; things get heavy.

That’s where this playlist comes in handy. The songs selected here have less to do with genre, artist and age than they do their shared emotional dyslexia. That’s why, if there’s any confusion, “Cormega” and the dulcet tones of The Smiths are in the same tracklist.

From the apoplectic fear of losing a lover in 100 gecs’ “800 db cloud” to the outright anxiety of Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman,” the reality of falling apart mentally is communicated through these songs.

In brief, it feels better to know others get it. I have for you: A Playlist for Your Biweekly Nervous Breakdown.

Freedom Rider-Traffic

Motion Picture Soundtrack-Radiohead

Hold My Liquor-Kanye West

800db Cloud Live at Fishcenter-100 Gecs

Please Complete Thee (Live)- King Krule

The Itchy Glowbo Blow- Cocteau Twins

That’s When I Reach for My Revolver- Mission to Burma

5 Minutes-Kirk Knight ft Joey Bada$$

Moonlight On the River-Mac Demarco


From a Late Night Train-The Blue Nile

We Wanna Kill You- Cormega ft. Mobb Deep

I Want The One I Can’t Have-The Smiths

DEATHCAMP-Tyler, the Creator ft. Cole Alexander