Professor Cookie: Grade A+ Late Night Snacks

Order Up! A new cookie delivery service has popped up in town.

Ilya Elberg, a 2016 New Paltz accounting alum, started Professor Cookie, a late night cookie delivery business in New Paltz. Elberg bakes various flavored cookies locally. The business is fully cleared to operate in New York State. 

Coming up with the name Professor Cookie took a few tries, as it was a brainstorming process. It was almost named Rabbi Cookie, but one of Elberg’s friends convinced him not to go with it. 

“[The name] Professor Cookie is nice because it goes for the college feel I want, and it has cookie in the title, so there’s no confusion to what it’s about. Plus, I have such a cute logo for it,”       Elberg said.

Cookie flavors include: chocolate chip, reese’s peanut butter and a new limited edition caramel M&M cookie. There is an option for a six-pack cookie sampler. One homemade cookie is priced at $2.25. The six-pack cookie sampler is $12. 

The cookies are made with butter, eggs, dark brown sugar, white sugar, pure vanilla extract and a few other secret ingredients. 

“They’ll get their cookies warm and fresh in about 30 to 45 minutes,” Elberg said. 

Professor Cookie’s hours are every Friday to Sunday, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Elberg’s roommate assists with delivery and promoting the business. The business is currently viewing when its sales are at the highest and when the most popular buying times are. Hours may be adjusted after the collection of more data. During the weeks of stressful times like midterms and finals, Professor Cookie plans to be open during most nights of the week.

Elberg believes New Paltz is a good target market for the homemade cookies. The age range in the town hits his business target. Students like Katie Russell, a third-year electrical engineering student are prepared to order more cookies during midterms week. 

“Taking the idea that New Paltz students stay up late and creating a business [from that] is genius,” Russell said. 

“It helps that as an emerging business, the town is condensed into about a one mile area which makes things manageable and easier to grow,” Elberg said. “It’s a truly unique place with a vibe that can’t be replicated anywhere else, and I’m happy to make people happier here.” 

Andrea Paredes, a fourth-year communications student heard about Professor Cookie from a friend when they were both studying at 1 a.m. 

“I like that you get text updates on when the cookies are put into the oven and when they’re arriving,” Paredes said. “Plus, having fresh baked, warm cookies delivered right to your doorstep late at night is truly a blessing.” 

Professor Cookie has a feature on their Instagram page to text or email the business for more information. For more details, follow Professor Cookie on Instagram at @profcookie. Place orders at