RHSA President-Elect Outlines Agenda

Kelvin Resurreccion.

President-elect of Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA) Kelvin Resurreccion hopes to accomplish several goals next year.

“I want to build a community,” Resurreccion said. “If friendships occur, that’s a major plus.”

He wants to increase interaction between the RHSA E-board and residents of the residence halls by strengthening the organization’s foundation.

Resurreccion also plans on holding two panels each semester where Residence Life can listen to suggestions, ideas and feedback from on-campus students. This would help RHSA be more receptive to new ideas.

Ranysha Ware, the current president of RHSA, focused on expanding the organization and getting students more involved by creating committees, Resurreccion said.

He hopes to build on Ware’s accomplishments by strengthening the RHSA committees, the communication with senate via RHSA reports and the relationship with the associate council. The associate council is comprised of two or more student representatives from each residence hall’s government.

“Most associate council members don’t even know the names of other members,” Resurreccion said. “[I want people] in hall governments to [get to] know each other and network.”

He also feels that during their staff meetings, associate council members “fight for their own ideas instead of trying to [listen to] or understand others.”

Another one of his ideas includes developing an in-depth hall buddy system, which will require each member of the RHSA E-board to serve as a liason for at least one hall government E-board in each residence hall on campus. Five minute bonding activities will be added to their E-board meetings.

Resurreccion also plans on creating a new organization called “Order of the Hawk,” which will serve as an umbrella group for RHSA, Student Association and the United Greek Association. This organization would provide a trading system between these clubs.

“Each organization [has] resources and wants that are transferrable,” he said.

Resurrecion has been involved with RHSA for three years. He served as public relations officer for RHSA his sophomore year, then left the E-board to become vice president of National Residency Hall Honorary, its sister organization.

Resurreccion won the RHSA presidential election against second-year undeclared major Matthew Eitelberg on Feb. 27 in SU 418. Eitelberg is currently vice president of the organization for the 2011-12 year.

Ware said she believes Resurreccion’s ideas are great.

“If he can do all the things he said he will do, I think he’ll be great,” Ware said.