Roost Studios Hosts Free Falling Photography

Featured above is one of Andacs’ photos on display Roost Studios. Laszlo Andacs is a founding member of Roost Studios who specializes in skydiving photography and videography. His work was currently featured in the “Possibilites” exhibit at the studio, which opened on Thursday, March 1 and closed Saturday, March 25. More of his photography is available for viewing on his website

On March 10, Roost Studios, located on Main Street, premiered “Possibilities,” a photo exhibit by Laszlo Andacs. The exhibit featured numerous shots taken by Andacs of skydivers in action.

The exhibit featured numerous shots taken by Andacs of skydivers in action.

“The name of the exhibit “Possibilities” reflects on the wide variety of photography subjects and display styles,” Andacs said. 

Originally from Hungary, Andacs moved to the United States back in 1998 to become a videographer, focusing on skydiving as his main subject. As he perfected the art, his career transitioned into photography, both in the air and on land. “Possibilities” highlights his work in the skydiving industry. 

“I was a professional skydiver before I got more serious about photography. Jumping with cameras and capturing others while skydiving was a possible way of earning a living,” Andacs said. “I loved creating both videos and stills in skydiving, so I started to learn more about photography and went beyond the auto settings of camera gear. This also triggered me to start taking photos on the ground and have the passion to come up with better and better images.”

As Andacs got more serious about photography, his skills developed and he began to experiment with different styles and mediums. 

“The learning process of photography also includes looking at other photographers work, which gave me the idea to start experimenting with printing my images onto alternative media like metal, wood, fabric, glass, etc,” Andacs said. “This experimentation developed into my own idea to combine various materials in my photo prints and be able to form some kind of physical relationship between the photo subject and the display.” 

The photos featured in the exhibit were taken throughout the United States, with newer ones taken two to three years ago and some from almost 10. 

“One of the photograph displayed is the cover shot of the United States Parachute Association’s Parachutist magazine’s March 2018 issue,” Andacs said. “The shot was taken in Lake Wales, FL during the USPA Collegiate National Championship last December.”

Besides shots of skydiving, which were the primary focus of “Possibilities,” the exhibit also featured some of Andacs’ on land work.

“The other non-skydiving photos were taken both locally and around world. Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico were the furthest locations, but I did photograph quite a few more countries and in the future. I will probably have an exhibit dedicated to my travels,” Andacs said. 

Andacs’ work is no stranger to the New Paltz area. In the past, his work was featured at Royal Cleaners, Cafe Mio, Village Market Eatery, Liquid Mercantile and Tuthillhouse. He is also a founding member of Roost Studios. 

“Roost Studios is a member supported art gallery. It was formed in March of 2016 and I am one of the original members,” Andacs said. “We rotate the studio space/display on a monthly basis among members, combined with one or two guest events and one or two group displays a year. I was the first member to have a second month long display since Roost was formed.”

Along with photography, Andacs also specializes in videography for film, television, and commercial productions. Although the exhibit at Roost is no longer running, some of the photos featured, along with Andacs’ other works, can be found at his website,

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