Sculpting Success on Water Street

Photo by Maxwell Reide.

Art is all around us, a part of our everyday life, and at times even in places where it may go unnoticed. That however is the beauty of art and precisely what the Water Street market demonstrates. On Saturday, Oct. 18 the Water Street Market hosted its first annual sculpture walk and fall reception. From 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., residents of New Paltz and the Hudson Valley area were able to appreciate the sculptures of New York, Connecticut and Unison Art Center artists. Attendees of the walk were able to enjoy free refreshments provided by the Gray Owl Gallery while they strolled the market and viewed the sculptures According to Paty Lott, the gallery owner and director of the Gray Owl Gallery, the Unison Art Center has hosted their sculpture walks at the market, but now they have incorporated other regional artists from the Connecticut and Hudson Valley area along with the unison artists. The Water Street market is going to proceed in hosting an annual sculpture walk, and continue to evolve by adding more pieces as well as those featured artists at each reception. The artists were able to choose the location of their artwork, Lott said. As the artist became familiar with the market, Lott and the artist worked together to find a place they felt the sculpture would work visually or functionally. “Star Gazers” by David Haze, for instance, “gives you a little place to enjoy cheese,” Lott said. David Haze, a woodworker from Connecticut said they collaborated on the location of “Star Gazers.” “Everyone loves it,” he said. Ethan Currier, a sculptor from Newtown Connecticut, whose work is displayed in the market, said that the market is his ideal setting. Currier, enthusiastic about his artwork being displayed in New Paltz said, “This is the coolest exhibit I’ve ever done at a place for just having four pieces.” The market provides a home for outdoor sculptures. According to Lott, it is difficult to display outdoor sculptures especially because it is often difficult to find the real estate or place to showcase the sculpture to a mass medium. “Harry Lipstein, owner of the Water Street Market, has done a really good job of leaving voided space and wants to fill it with art, it’s sort of his vision for the market place,” said Lott. Sculptor and painter, Justin Perlman who has installed three sculptures in the market said that the Water Street market has a nicer and more controlled way to present art. The sculptures are permanent installations and are for sale to the public. The pieces range from $2,000 to $15,000 as well as pieces that are price on request. The pieces will remain at the market unless sold, if the artist feels they need to modify the art, or they have a new piece they want to showcase, Lott said. “Not only will it allow us to show artists’ various materials and concepts of sculpture but having a permanent outdoor sculpture walk is just one more art venue that is in New Paltz,” Lott said.