Senate Finalizes Impeachment

The Anademic Senate removed a senator through a finalized impeachment process and added another at their recent meeting.
The Anademic Senate removed a senator through a finalized impeachment process and added another at their recent meeting.

The 52nd student senate heard an appeal from the New Paltz Baseball Club and confirmed nominations to the senate and several committees at their sixth meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

The legislative body heard an appeal from the New Paltz Baseball Club represented by President Joe Waterhouse. He was there to “appeal the denial of necessary accessories required” for the club. The Baseball Club asked for $6,298.75 but were only approved $3,998.75 by the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC).

Waterhouse said he is only asking for the bare necessities for his team because his objective is to save money for the school. The Baseball Club was approved funds for jerseys and baseball pants, but Waterhouse said they still need funding for articles of clothing such as under jersey T-shirts, practice shorts, practice pants, and practice hoodies for 25 players.

“We are shooting way under what we could, in reality, be asking for,” said Waterhouse. “We are riding on the bottom of what we could be asking for.”

According to Waterhouse, under jersey T-shirts, which are worn under the baseball this part of the uniform, are league-mandated and the practice shorts and pants are necessary.

Sen. Kaitlyn Day said she doesn’t think it’s the school’s responsibility to pay for the Baseball Club’s practice clothes. However, she thought the under jersey T-shirt should be the only thing they should give the baseball team funding for since it is league-mandated.

The majority of the legislative body voted to fund the under jersey T-shirts for the baseball team.

The legislative body also removed Brendan Kassel from his seat on senate and BFC.

The senate also confirmed a new senator to the legislative body. Sen. Richard Jean-Louis was confirmed to the BFC, replacing Kassel. A seat on the curriculum committee was also filled.

One senator resigned, leaving one seat vacant.

Sen. Yaritza Diaz was also confirmed to the vice chair for senate at the meeting.

Senate Chair Alberto Aquino presented a letter to the legislative body that will be sent to Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and the SUNY Board of Trustees stating that the New Paltz Student Association (SA) is calling for them to “delay any votes that would reduce the number of college presidencies within a SUNY until proper impact studies of discussions among campus constituents can be completed.”

SA Executive Vice President Eve Stern discussed writing a legislation regarding College Council, which has the power to implement “major changes” such as changing names of buildings on campus and modifying the drug policy.

“The college council consists of 10 members, nine are all appointed by the governor….[Coakley], the [SA] president is the only student seat out of 10 people,” said Stern.

Stern said that there are 10 people who are making decisions affecting the students, and there’s only one student on the entire council and that is not fair.

“Basically, people are making decisions that own banks, own companies, own corporations and don’t even live in New Paltz,” stern said. “I think there needs to be more students on council.”

Stern also mentioned that the Six Flags dilemma has been resolved and that they reimbursed Jean-Louis $50 and that the SA doesn’t have to pay for the 11 tickets confiscated from them at the amusement park.

The next senate meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 18 in Student Union 418.