Senate to Remedy Appeals Problems

The student senate discussed how they would clarify bylaws in regards to campus charity events in the future.
The student senate discussed how they would clarify bylaws in regards to campus charity events in the future.

The 50th student senate discussed the potential amendment of bylaws at their most recent general meeting.

Webmaster and Chief Justice of Judicial Board Travis Nanek stood before the senate and presented suggestions aimed to prevent appeals like the ones made to senate in the last couple of weeks. Those include the appeals on Oct. 26 made by Invisible Children and Student Association President Jennifer Sanchez, and the Nov. 2 appeal made by the Art History Association.

After being confirmed for a partial appeal by senate, the Art History Association presented its appeal to the judicial board. The appeal was approved in full by the board because the error was a result of misinformation, said Nanek.

On Oct. 26, the legislative body approved an appeal made by Sanchez regarding a trip to the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) Conference in Philadelphia, Pa., where she and three other students will present selected research.

After being approved for the full amount by the Budget and Finance Committee to cover the expenses of the trip, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association requested money to go to the ASHA conference as well.

BFC decided to spread the money out evenly reducing the amount of money the research group was originally awarded. Senators decided that because their research was specifically selected by the ASHA convention to present, they should be given the money.

In regards to Sanchez’s appeal, it was suggested the senate should amend the budget so conferences have two separate lines, “one for presenters and one for attendees.”

In order to prevent another case like the one presented by Invisible Children, Nanek and the judicial board suggested senate clarify bylaws in regards to charity events on campus.

A few senators will meet on Friday, Nov. 12 to research and possibly draft bylaw amendments that will be presented at the next senate meeting to be approved or rejected.

During her report, Sanchez announced she is in the process of figuring out a way to add another line to the Oasis/Haven hotline because currently they only have one line.

Vice President of Programming Anthony Lino said last week SA Productions met and brainstormed ideas about the Dec. 4 show. Lino said collaboration with National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws (NORML) might be possible.

Executive Vice President Eve Stern and Lino are encouraging slam poets, musicians and bands to contact them for a spot in the Dec. 4 concert.

The next student senate general meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 16 in the Student Union 418.