Set To Draw An Assorted Crowd

The Assortment of Crayons are ready to put their true colors on display.

The band, hailing from Albany, N.Y. is familiar with performing in the New Paltz area, and will be making their second appearance at Bacchus on Saturday, April 5 at 10 pm.

Band manager Roy Hench said The Assortment of Crayons’ previous performance at Bacchus in January  “drew a pretty solid crowd,” and was a pretty great night.

The band was booked to play Bacchus in April on the spot after their first performance in January.

Vocalist and keyboardist Matthew Richards said the band enjoyed playing at Bacchus back in January because of their passion to perform in front of their friends.

“We aim to reach those who enjoy jazz fusion, prog rock, funk, experimental rock, improvisation and music to dance to,” Richards said.

“We want the audience to feel sort of like they ate a three-course-meal. Each person in the audience has different tastes, but there will be enough of a variety to satisfy everybody.”

The band, whose style “pulls influences from classic rock n’ roll, blues, jazz, funk, pop, disco, techno, fusion and many other genres,” according to their Facebook page, was formed in 2007 and Assortment of Crayons released their first extended EP, Styles, in 2012.

Since their creation, guitarist and vocalist Sean Hill said the band’s performances have always contained setlists that told a story.

He also said the band has a lot of jokes behind some of their songs and lyrics about past or present relationships.

“Most of the original material is geared toward accomodating the party vibe but with different genres, say jazz and electronic, or reggae and funk,” Hill said. “Occasionally we throw in a song with screaming and metal break downs which surprises everyone. It’s good to be surprised.”

The Assortment of Crayons will also be playing alongside local jazzy funk alternative punky band, Those Greasy Bastards.

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