Speech-Language and Hearing Center Reopens

On March 15, the New Paltz community gathered to celebrate the long-awaited opening of the newly renovated and expanded Speech-Language and Hearing Center.

The ribbon cutting ceremony and open house commemorated the $1.5 million renewed center that enables the students, faculty and staff to better serve the centers’ clients. This vital community resource operating on a non-profit basis, currently provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for over 2,300 children and adults demonstrating speech, language or hearing difficulties. 

“These renovations have increased and improved our visibility, our accessibility and our professional environment,” said Jana Losey, Director of the Speech-Language and Hearing Center. “We are fulfilling our vision of offering comprehensive academic and clinical training along with affordable regional care.” 

The renovation includes a new, state-of-the-art sound booth, larger therapy areas, modernized facilities, a larger waiting room and a new entrance that provides more inclusive accessibility for clients with disabilities. The communications disorders department hopes to accommodate and attract more clients than ever. 

The enhanced facility will also support growth in the student enrollment in communication disorders programs, as well as supply students with clinical experiences, opportunities and skills in preparation for successful professional careers. 

“The Speech-Language and Hearing Center has provided me with my first opportunity to transition from a student into a professional,” said graduate student Jessica Griffin. “I’ve learned and applied foundational clinical skills that I will continue to expand upon after I graduate this spring and begin my career as a speech-language pathologist.”

Thousands of communication disorders graduates have been placed in hospitals, clinics and schools where they use the training and knowledge they once learned from working in the center to treat thousands of clients.

Fourth-year communications disorders major Dana Liuzzi thinks the renovations are great for center and client success. 

“I really like the improvements they’ve made because having a space that’s a comfortable and welcoming environment is really important for us and our clients,” Liuzzi said. 

President Donald P. Christian is excited to see the new center assist the program’s proficiency in academics, practices and graduates. 

“The combination of a strong liberal arts foundation with clinical, experiential opportunities here has served, and will continue to serve, our graduates well for their future professional and personal   success.”