Sport or Not? Halloweekend

Most people treat Halloweekend like a sport; there's the pregame, the game itself, and the post game.

Growing up, Halloween is the one day a year to go trick-or-treating, pick out a fun costume and trade candy with friends. In college, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Now, instead of just celebrating on Oct. 31, Halloween has become a multiple-day event, known as Halloweekend. Instead of having one costume to perfect, you’re found having to pull together nearly four to five different costumes for the different days of events. Now, this may not seem like the biggest deal to everyone, but for those who like to make a statement it’s very difficult to accomplish.

Hand-in-hand with searching for costumes, these pieces can add up very quickly. While tending to lean towards second-hand stores like the Salvation Army, there’s some costume accessories that can only be purchased through commercial retailers, which can end up being very pricey. 

After the careful prowl for costumes, the weekend arrives. Each day, transforming from one character to another and coughing up upwards of $10 just for the cover fee to the bar. The constant social interaction becomes exhausting and the green hairspray from last night’s look won’t exactly wash out. 

In my thorough examination, I believe that Halloweekend would be considered a sport. From hunting down the perfect and most affordable costume to keeping up the stamina to go out everyday, it’s very similar to preparing for a tournament in sports.

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