Sport or Not: Spring Break Edition

Photo courtesy of AllEvents.

Spring break — a week jam-packed with fun, freedom, laughter and absolutely no responsibilities — as one would think. 

Instead, spring break has become a stressful week where we try to cram in several months of missed sleep, hobbies that we don’t have time for otherwise, quality time with friends and family and for some, extra credit assignments. Some students try to run home the second they get a chance, while others attempt to pack a whole vacation into one random week in the middle of March. I could break out into an anxiety-induced sweat just anticipating how I will have to micromanage my time over break to ensure that I can pack a few months’ worth of activities into seven days. 

I’m awaiting the long-approaching break like every other college kid, but I know I’ll be racing against the clock to cross everything off my little bucket list. The depictions of spring break that we watch on TV shows or in the movies could not be further from the truth; I’m not relaxing. I’m stressed about returning to school and the remainder of the spring semester. 

Regardless of how your spring break may look, it can certainly be considered a sport.