Student Senate Confirms Nominees

Photo by Laura Luengas
Photo by Laura Luengas

The 50th student senate appointed new members to the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC), the Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) Board and Parking Committee during its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Aug. 31 in the Student Union.

Before nominations, Senate Chair Terrell Coakley began the meeting by introducing himself and sharing an embarrassing moment with the student senate as a way to create a more comfortable environment. Each of the new senators then introduced themselves too.

Student Association President Jennifer Sanchez, Executive Vice President Eve Stern, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Caitlin Ryan and Vice President of Programming Anthony Lino also welcomed the new student senate.

Aside from being the current Vice President of Programming, Lino has been responsible for certain duties normally allocated to the Vice President of Finance this semester since the unexpected departure of the elected Vice President of Finance. Nominees for the vacant seat will be presented before the legislative body at next week’s senate meeting.

Shortly after reports from the executive board, the legislative body voted on nominees for the BFC. After four attempts last semester, Sen. Rose Faber gained a seat on the BFC alongside Juliet Beato, who sat on the BFC from fall 2009 to spring 2010. Senators from last semester expressed their admiration toward Faber’s dedication to keep trying.

Sen. Megan Grieco nominated former senator Jonathan Freifeld for the alternate position in the Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) board and the senate confirmed the nomination. Freifeld will be required to attend CAS board meetings in the event that Sanchez or Stern cannot make them.

First-time Sen. Dimitri Kirlew and Sen. Samantha Kossin ran for the vice chair position. The vice chair fills in if the senate chair is absent or has to leave the room for whatever reason. After a brief discussion, Kossin was elected to the position.

Sen. Megan Grieco was elected to fill the only student seat on the Parking Committee after being nominated by Sanchez. The Parking Committee deals with any issues related to parking on campus such as the number of parking spaces, classification of lots, lighting, and the designation of parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

The 50th student senate confirmed another seat on the BFC, University Police Committee and two seats in the Judicial Board at their second meeting on Sept. 14 in the Student Union.

Sen. Kirlew was confirmed to a position on the BFC, and said he wants to learn more about where money is allocated.

Sen. Max Susky and fourth-year psychology major Hope Dobrzynski appeared before the senate for positions on the Judicial Board. The legislative body appointed both Susky and Dobrzynski to the seats.

Third-year sociology major Liz Rubel ran for a seat in the University Police Department Committee (UPDC) after being a member last year. Rubel expressed to the senate that she wanted to improve the relationship between the UPD and students. Sen. Kondwani Jackson recognized Rubel’s work as a member of UPDC.

“She was one of the most active members on the committee, doing things outside of the committee,” Jackson said.

Rubel was confirmed to a position on the UPDC.

During her senate report, Sanchez announced that she is looking for nominees to chair the Senior Week Committee. Members of the Senior Week Committee would be responsible for organizing events geared toward graduating students. Nominees don’t have to be fourth-year students.

The next general meeting of the student senate will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 21.