SUNY New Paltz Celebrates Seniors’ Last 100 Days

2,500 undergraduate and graduate degrees were given in 2018 at the commencement ceremony. 100 Days to Commencement was sponsored by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to prepare seniors for life after SUNY New Paltz.

SUNY New Paltz seniors kicked off the countdown to graduation at the 100 days to commencement celebration on Feb. 8.

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations, along with the SUNY New Paltz Foundation, sponsored “100 Days to Commencement” in an attempt to prepare seniors for life after graduation. The event also included more information on Career Services, the Senior Toast and Alumni Relations programs and services.

The event consisted of different themed tables, all with information to assist the graduates. From an alumni connect table to one discussing the senior toast, SUNY New Paltz alumni are focused on the importance of after-graduation preparedness.

 “After being in New Paltz for four years it is such a bittersweet feeling to graduate in May,” said graduating engineering student Nicholas Correia. “I’m very excited to begin my career as an engineer but I will always cherish the time I’ve spent here and the people I’ve gotten to know.”

The graduating class of 2019 all came together during this event and the networking between students and alumni was impeccable. SUNY New Paltz has continuously enriched its students, as said by graduating anthropology student Dahlia Sheehan-Yassin. 

“New Paltz has given me the confidence to express myself both within academics and in my personal life,” Sheehan-Yassin said.

“I was part of the swim program during my time at New Paltz, which equipped me with life tools I wouldn’t have otherwise learned, such as time management, communication and goal making skills,” said Katherine Donlevy, swimmer and Journalism major. “I believe that these experiences will give me a leg-up in my adult life past graduation.”

Although this celebration marked 100 days until graduation, it also marked the start of the College’s Senior Gift program. The Senior Gift program is significant as it cements the relationship between students and alumni and launches students into the culture of philanthropy. This gift will allow for funding in student and alumni programming, thanks to the Fund for New Paltz. Any senior who attended the event was asked to spend $20.19 as a gift, and in acknowledgement will obtain blue and orange philanthropy cords for their graduation.

Graduates may feel as though they have only spent a number of years at SUNY New Paltz, but they are alumni for the rest of their time after graduation. Graduation automatically grants membership to any graduating senior to the SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association. To get involved and learn more about alumni events at SUNY New Paltz,

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