Sustainable Solutions: 3/17/11

Sustainable Solution #3: Support the Local Sustainable Agriculture

Why is supporting local sustainable agriculture important?

“Industrialized agriculture practices degrade the quality of our food, reduces the availability of jobs, and makes our food system unstable. Sustainable local agriculture, on the other hand promotes the local agricultural economy, and the health of individuals, a community and the planet.”

-Yael Krevsky, Co-President of Students for Sustainable Agriculture

New Paltz is a beautiful place full of opportunities to buy and eat healthy and sustainable local food! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which is a way for local people and businesses to form relationships with local farms, become shareholders and receive fresh produce once a week exists in New Paltz. Aside from that, there are farmer’s markets on and off campus and health stores that also support our local agricultural opportunities. Even though buying sustainable and organic foods isn’t the most affordable option for a student, supporting our local agricultural economy should be prioritized! Below are a few tips I gathered after talking to Krevsky and Brook Farm Project Farm Manager Jonathan Delura on supporting sustainable agriculture.

What are some ways students can support local agriculture?

1. Buy from local businesses that collaborate with local farms. For example, Health and Nutrition and Earthgoods have an organic and local selection of food.

2. During farming season, purchase a farm share. Brook Farm project has a special fall semester offer that begins the first week of semester and continues through Thanksgiving.

3.  Become involved with the campus garden located at field Q, the only sustainable structure on campus.

4.  Volunteer at a local farm.

5.  Go to farm markets. During the farming season, there are farmer’s markets on campus. For local farmer’s market go to this link:

6.  Continue to push for local and fresh produce, meat and dairy products on campus.

For more information on sustainable agriculture, you can attend a Students for Sustainable Agriculture meeting on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Honors Center, located in the back of College Music Hall.