An Affinity for Infinity

November 17, 2011 Zan Strumfeld 0

Artist Ezra Silverman is fascinated with infinity. His metal series “Elements,” which just completed a one-year exhibit at Cafeteria in New Paltz, offers endless possibilities of interpretation. Silverman’s various-sized sheets of metal are scattered with holes, creating shapes of whatever the eye wants to see, from an elephant to the night sky. “I see them like the biggest objects, like the universe, stars, galaxies and I see them as microscopic images of cells, the structures and plants and humans, all sorts of things. And then I see them on our scale too,” said Silverman. The St. Louis, Miss. raised welder moved to Ulster County in 2005 after studying metal at Purchase College. He said […]

Music Store Goes Back To Its Roots

October 27, 2011 Zan Strumfeld 0

A new form of art is hanging in the windows of Cafeteria on 58 Main St. and this art is not just on display, but for sale. With a severe lack of music stores in New Paltz, Root Note Music Shop has recently been added to fill the gap. Twenty-three-year-old owner Tyler Beatrice, who has moved his store from New Paltz to Saugerties and now back to where he started, said he is more than pleased with his new address. “I always envisioned having a music store/café, and then it happened,” said Beatrice. Beatrice, originally from Saugerties, came to SUNY New Paltz in 2006 first studying anthropology. He then switched to business for a year and is now […]

Jamming for Japan

April 28, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

Local musicians shared their tunes and artists sold their work on April 9 in an effort to raise money towards earthquake relief in Japan. The all day and all night benefit show organized by Roger LaRochelle, Pete Newman, Avery Jenkins, Amanda Sisenstein and Garland Middleton featured more than 30 musical acts performing at venues such as Slash Root, Cafeteria and Snugs. One band already booked at Oasis also participated and artists contributed artwork to sell at each show as well. The event was inspired by a similar fundraiser organized by the group last year after the earthquake hit Haiti […]