Oasis Says Goodbye to New Paltz Nightlife

September 13, 2018 Alicia McGowan 0

Oasis Cafe and sake bar Katana at 58 Main St. in New Paltz shut its doors and closed a chapter of New Paltz nightlife. Bobby Downs, owner of Oasis Cafe and sake bar Katana, has been in the business of owning bars for 27 years. Over these […]

My Top 10: Facebook Meme Pages

November 9, 2017 Brandon Doerrer 0

I hate myself for writing this. I hate myself for even thinking that this was a good idea to write about. Let’s get it over with. Here are my top 10 favorite Facebook meme pages. I think it’s safe to say you probably shouldn’t check these out at work. 10. To Be Continued Memes Take a clip show, remove the host and cut the clips off right before whatever big thing is supposed […]