Server Shakeup

October 13, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

The SUNY New Paltz e-mail system experienced two shake-ups recently: a scam e-mail issue and a server switch from NPMail to Gmail. According to UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator Paul Chauvet, the scam experience related to e-mail sysytems began when a faculty member received an e-mail and responded to it with their campus username […]

E-mail Service Options Explored

April 28, 2011 Maxim Alter 0

E-mail services offered by either Google or Microsoft may soon replace the NPMail system used by the campus community. According to Computer Services Assistant Vice President of Technology Jon Lewit, the college plans to adopt either Gmail or Hotmail as a replacement for the e-mail system currently provided by ComminigatePro. If the switch is made, Lewit said students and faculty will have 10 […]