Jamming for Japan

April 28, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

Local musicians shared their tunes and artists sold their work on April 9 in an effort to raise money towards earthquake relief in Japan. The all day and all night benefit show organized by Roger LaRochelle, Pete Newman, Avery Jenkins, Amanda Sisenstein and Garland Middleton featured more than 30 musical acts performing at venues such as Slash Root, Cafeteria and Snugs. One band already booked at Oasis also participated and artists contributed artwork to sell at each show as well. The event was inspired by a similar fundraiser organized by the group last year after the earthquake hit Haiti […]

Fashion All Day and Night

April 14, 2011 Amanda Grappone 0

A swarm of people occupied the halls of the Student Union patiently waiting for the multipurpose room doors to open. Beyond those doors were the members of Jam Asia, finalizing the setup for their annual “Culture and Fashion Show” on Friday, April 8. “[The event] is essentially a week-long celebration of the Asian culture, through the talents of our students in the areas of fashion, dance and other performances,” said Kristine Rose, the public relations officer for the organization. This year’s show aimed to help rebuild communities in […]