Snapshots Showcase Innocence in India

September 8, 2011 Katherine Speller 2

Former SUNY New Paltz student R.J. Partington III traveled to Southern India to attend the wedding of his close friend in the summer of 2010. He found himself on a bus from his friend’s native Kerala to a beach in Poovar, traveling through a small village toward the ocean. He felt he was being pulled by a strong instinct to walk back to that village and take photos of the people. Partington found that following his instincts lead him to one of his finest hours as a […]

Visual Validation

March 10, 2011 Zan Strumfeld 0

Marissa Newman never thought an assignment for her Advanced Black & White Photo class would ever be blown up and displayed in the bedrooms of strangers. But in fall 2011, one of her photos will be displayed at Hotel Roger Williams in New York City. “It actually hasn’t quite set in yet. I’m kind of baffled by it, to be honest,” said Newman, a third-year photography major. “I think […]