Mellow Melodies Match

March 13, 2014 Zameena Mejia 0

While many shows in New Paltz lean toward the loud, crowd-moshing atmosphere, Team Love RavenHouse Gallery hosted a much quieter, attentive night of music on […]

Teaming Up with Love

February 16, 2012 Zan Strumfeld 0

Conor Oberst may not be living in New Paltz, but his record label is. For almost a year, Team Love RavenHouse Gallery has found a home in a small shop at 11 Church St.,where locals can visit an art gallery, record store and performance venue all in one place. Team Love, the New York City independently released record label, was founded by Bright Eyes frontman Oberst and Bright Eyes Manager Nate Krenkel. Basing the label for about six years out of an apartment in the East Village […]