Parallel Worlds in Parker

March 1, 2012 Carolyn Quimby 0

New Paltz’s newest play, “Eugenia,” will be taking the American stage for the first time. The New Paltz Theater Arts Department’s production of play, directed by Anita Gonzalez and composed by Stephen Kitsakos, will run from Thursday, March 1 to Sunday, March 11 in Parker Theatre. “Eugenia,” written by New Zealand playwright Lorae Parry, was first introduced to Gonzalez four years ago. “A New Zealand international exchange student [introduced it] in my ‘Race, Gender and Performance’ class when we were doing a unit on gay, lesbian and transgender identities on stage,” Gonzalez said. “Since then, both Stephen Kitsakos and I have taught the play in our classes.” The play weaves parallel stories […]