Police Investigate “Racially Offensive” Signs, Graffiti

November 17, 2011 oracle 1

A number of what police called “racially offensive” signs posted around campus last week prompted swift responses from administrators, students and faculty. As University Police continue to investigate who may be responsible for each of the four reported offenses, President Donald Christian addressed the incidents in campus-wide […]

Every Day They’re Tumblin’

October 27, 2011 Rachel Freeman 0

Tumblr addicts now have something productive to do with their time – other than posting photos of cute animals and pizza – with the help of the new SUNY New Paltz club called Tumblr University. The club, founded by first-year students Kellie Gainey and Grace Kobryn, aims to use the blogging website as a platform to foster discussions about current issues and find solutions. Spurring from a joke about Tumblr posts saying,“I wish I could go to Tumblr University,” Kobryn pitched the idea to Gainey and the pair decided to actually make it possible. In late September, they set up a domain on the site, where they post a discussion topic roughly once a […]