The Copy Couch Recommends: Roswell: New Mexico

I know this happens to be the only f*cking thing I write about anymore, but it’s with good reason I promise.

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this show. Aliens, cowboys, sex, love, drama and more, all wrapped together with a lovely CW network bow.

I have to recommend it officially, rather than just review it because I can’t stop thinking about these love triangles. I love how much Alex loves Michael, and how Michael wants Maria and Alex, and how much Liz and Max want each other but take forever to make it happen. I need to see what’s in store for all these sailing and sinking ships. 

I can’t help but appreciate how linked this reboot is with its original, but also vastly different in a delicate yet poignant way. Of all remakes/refreshers, this is one of the best I’ve seen on television.

The season progressively gets better, and the stakes get higher and higher until you’re watching on the edge of your seat. The action never ceases to draw you in and keep you hooked by the end of the episode. 

If you’ve seen the original, you need to watch this show. Shiri Appleby even directed episode nine, so come on, get on Netflix and catch season one already.

If you’ve taken my word for it already and watched “Roswell: New Mexico,” then I also highly recommend you watch the original “Roswell” to further delight in how the two shows relate. I promise, it’ll make hearing “Here With Me” by Daniel Blake in the finale even sweeter.

“Roswell” lacks the cowboys, the political commentary and the adult maturity, but it has the even better 90s aesthetic, the adorable teenage adulation, and a Dido theme song. You can’t pass up Dido, okay?

Both “Roswell” and “Roswell: New Mexico” are worth bingeing on Netflix as you finish up your final papers and start to settle into the summer. With all your newfound free time, get started on these two great shows!

Madalyn Alfonso
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