The Deep End: Xano

A working visionary, Xano is a photographer and videographer who captures a plethora of content from portraits of unique people to moments like concert performances and music videos. Having always been attracted to the world of cameras, videos and visual arts, and recording on anything he could get his hands on, Xano was predominantly enthused by the work of photo and video editing. Realizing that editing required a constant stream of content, he decided to start shooting his own pictures and videos. 

While he is still figuring out his style and aesthetic, a lot of Xano’s inspiration comes from works of art he sees and appreciates around him. Currently, he is experimenting with videos, as he is a digital media production major here at SUNY New Paltz. 

Xano sees himself not sticking to only one thing. His creative process right now involves a lot of collaborating with other videographers and visionaries, both reaching out and being reached out to. Down the line he sees himself doing both camera work and editing, varying from project to project. A lot of Xano’s work can be found on his Instagram page, @shotbyrarexano.