The Deep End: Alyssa Dudinyak

Alyssa Dudinyak is a second-year visual arts major who highlights the best in people through her art. Using charcoal, ballpoint pen or even embroidery over acrylic on canvas, Dudinyak focuses her art on portraits and people in the hopes of bringing out the aspects of their personalities in a unique, visually appealing way, with the theme of innocence threading a lot of her pieces together. 

Junior year of high school was Dudinyak’s year; she started taking her artwork seriously after winning a series of awards for it. Since then, she’s experimented with a number of mediums including embroidery and mixed media, which is what she’s most recognized for. She realized her true passion for art this past summer when she painted a large mural in Puerto Rico.

Originally, her goal was to become a teacher, but after experimenting with art so much, her end goal is much more flexible. Now, she hopes to be accepted into the painting and drawing BFA soon. She also plans on traveling and painting murals and other artwork around the world. She hopes to enter into more creative fields here at New Paltz and post-graduation.

Madalyn Alfonso
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