The Deep End: Lucky Louie Blues Company

Catch Lucky Louie Blues Company at Murphy's every Thursday night at 11 p.m.

If you’re looking for a soulful band rooted in the blues and rock and roll, look no further than The Lucky Louie Blues Company. The band formed in December 2018. Currently, the band consists of third-year marketing major Ross Mandel (Guitar/Vocals), fourth-year digital media production major Josh Dudzik (Congas), third-year digital media production major Matt Conde (Piano) and fourth-year anthropology major Lorne Montague (Bass). The members met through mutual friends and bonded over their devotion to making music. They’ve had this lineup together for two months after undergoing some other lineup changes since their conception.

The Lucky Louie Blues company defines themselves as a jam band whose essence lies in blues, soul and rock and roll. What sets them apart from other local bands is that every show they play is improvised. They have a knack for the chord progressions and changes they usually adopt in their sessions, but they play with different drummers each performance and often have other musicians sit in with them, creating a unique musical experience every show. They hope audiences walk away with sparks of electricity and positive energy after they expose the darker, beautiful side of their soul that doesn’t get the chance to come out every day.

Another catch for this band is that in order to enjoy their music, you need to come out to hear them play. They play at Murphy’s in New Paltz every Thursday night at 11 p.m., and sporadically sprinkle other shows into their schedule too. The best way to keep up with them is to follow them on instagram @luckylouiebluesco. 

Don’t fret, however, if you’re not able to stop in at Murphy’s, because they are currently recording their first project, which should be out within the next couple of months. Having the opportunity to make the music that excites them is what motivates the band, as well as the positive reception they’ve received so far. Their weekly paid residency at Murphy’s highlights their dedication to the craft and their drive for the art. After solidifying their sound, they delight in how their audiences feel comfortable to dance like demons. If you want a piece of this passionate group, catch them at Murphy’s on Thursdays at 11 p.m.!

Madalyn Alfonso
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