The Deep End: Stella Katz, Designer

Stella Katz is a third-year costume design major whose heart lies in sustainable designs. She creates sustainable fashion, which is clothing that accounts for the environment and for waste. Sustainable fashion holds a special place in her heart because otherwise, these clothes would just go into landfills. In an effort to be environmentally conscious and stylish, she creates custom clothes. Everything she makes is upcycled or sewn from thrift, recycled or found fabrics and garments. 

In order to create sustainable articles of clothing, her method is detailed and attentive. She deconstructs pieces, prints on garments, or uses recycled fabrics and yarns to create custom items. Based on a client’s measurements, she makes the clothes tailored to them. 

One of her favorite pieces made recently is a sweatshirt made of sweatshirts and sweatpants. In order to create this, she cut the garments into strips to make a yarn, and then she used this recycled yarn to knit into pieces to make the sweatshirt. 

She’s been busy making clothes like this for a few years now, but her goal going forward is to develop her brand, GIDDY. She credits some of her knowledge to her major in costume design, as it equips her with new sewing techniques every year. 

Inspiration comes in many forms, but for Stella she looks to the city. Her signature pattern, the crosswalk print, can be found on numerous garments and is pictured below. She’s also inspired by other sustainable fashion businesses and people who commit to green practices because they limit their water, chemical and clothing waste. 

Her goals for the future are to keep building her brand and continue making custom pieces for people.

Check out her creations on Instagram @giddy.ny!

Madalyn Alfonso
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