The Fahari Libertad Empowers BIPOC Voices

The Fahari Libertad is a long-running student literary magazine that seeks to empower BIPOC students and promote their opinions on topics related to underrepresented groups. The magazine features work including poetry, essays, short stories and photography by people of color on campus. The magazine dates back to 1975 and a new publication is released each semester.

The magazine derives its name from the Swahili and Spanish languages. “Fahari” means “proud” in Swahili and “Libertad” means “freedom” in Spanish. Jalyn Cox-Cooper, a third-year sociology major and historian for the magazine stated, “Our magazine’s name represents our desire for people of color to take pride in their heritage and be liberated mentally, emotionally and artistically.”

Cox-Cooper explained the importance of having the magazine at school.

 “Having the Fahari Libertad at SUNY New Paltz is the unique way in which we represent marginalized voices,” said Cox-Cooper. “We use our magazine to showcase people’s unique cultures and perspectives with creativity. At a school that is predominantly white, it is crucial that students of color speak their truth, which is what we try to help people do.” 

The magazine has created lasting memories for those involved. 

“My most memorable experience was hosting the Writing Social program during the Fall 2021 semester,” says third-year Black Studies and Public Relations major and Event Coordinator for The Fahari Libertad, Dimitra “Demi” Ramos. “It was our first program since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and I was very proud of our team for putting it together! The Writing Social was intimate and rejuvenating, which is a mood we want to recreate for all of our future events.”

First-year Latin American and Caribbean Studies major, as well as the Secretary and Student Association Council of Organizations Representative for the Fahari Libertad, Gabriela Gomez explained the significance the magazine has for her. 

 “Throughout the entire time we’ve worked together in the fall semester and now, Fahari has shown me and taught me so much about the ways people create and express themselves,” she said. “I’ve had the chance to work with a really driven team to create spaces where people can share their ideas and their art. In many ways, Fahari Libertad means community. Finding community in the ways we express ourselves, and in our experiences.”

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