The Oscars: Picks And Predictions

As awards season comes to an end, our editors give a DeGeneres dose of reeltalk on which hits should be on The Academy’s list.


cat tacopinaA month ago, I was ready to say Disney’s “Frozen” was the shoo-in winner for Best Animated feature. Now as the time draws nearer, I’m not so sure. While I have yet to see the film, Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises” is apparently stunning and beautiful work from Miyazaki. It’s Miyazaki’s (supposedly) last film and it will certainly give “Frozen” a run for its money. With that being said, I have a hard time seeing any other song beating out “Let it Go” for best original song.

— Cat Tacopina, Editor-in-Chief


suzy berkowitzLeo’s on-screen walk down embezzlement road in “The Wolf of Wall Street” left critics and viewers alike posing the same question: is this film worthy of Best Picture? Don’t get me wrong, the movie was  wild, hilarious and contained some stellar performances, but I can’t help but cringe at something that glorified Jordan Belfort’s fraudulent crimes taking the title over a film as raw and necessary as “12 Years a Slave.” As cliche as it is, we have to keep in mind that the most important pieces of art are those which comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

— Suzy Berkowitz, A&E Editor


zameena mejia“Her” is nominated for Best Picture, and rightfully so. The acting in the movie felt very personable, as though I really knew the characters in person and could relate to them. The way Theodore’s clothing would change color when his mood changed in different scenes was a very interesting detail. It’s strange that a movie “about a man falling in love with Siri” could touch me as emotionally as it did. Of the nominated movies, “Her” is definitely one of those that unexpectedly hits you right in the feels.

— Zameena Mejia, Copy Edito


john tappenI haven’t seen many movies this year. But I did see “Her,” so I know that movie shouldn’t win Best Picture. I appreciated the film’s message — Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams’ melancholy energy exposed the dangers of a society that relies too heavily on technology. But at the end of the day, if the iOS that you paid for leaves you, shouldn’t you be able to return it for a refund?

—John Tappen, News Editor