Top Ten Acts I Want to See Have A Jonas Brothers-Style Reunion

Last week, the Jonas Brothers announced that they were returning as a band and every single person over the age of 15 absolutely lost their minds.

While the news was welcome, I was never a huge Jonas Brothers fan myself, so I can’t lie and say I was excited, or really even cared.

The reunion has lead me to think, though, of other great groups and performers whose careers ended too soon. These are the ten that I would love to see have a Jonas-style reunion.

10. The Cheetah Girls

Besides starring in some excellent films, the Cheetah Girls have a stunning discography, both with and without Raven Symone (who, of course, must be in attendance for this reunion). From “Strut” and “Step Up” to “Amigas Cheetahs” and, my personal favorite, “Cinderella,” the Cheetah Girls had some solid R&B classics in their repertoire. Unlike other Disney Channel Original Movie soundtracks, the Cheetah Girls songs have actually withstood the test of time as enjoyable pieces of music, in a real way and not a purely nostalgic one. This could happen, if they really wanted it to.

9. JoJo

At only age 14, JoJo was releasing some of the best pop and R&B tracks of the 2000s. Everyone has heard “Too Little, Too Late” and most have been treated to the insanely powerful bridge of “Leave (Get Out),” but those of us who also remember bops like “Baby It’s You” really want this to happen. In fact, JoJo is ready to make it happen. In 2016, she released her first studio album in 10 years, Mad Love, which was just as outstanding as her work from the previous decade. As one of the most talented vocalists of our generations, it’s time we stop searching for nostalgia in sh*tty “High School Musical” songs and instead give our coin to JoJo.

8. Aly and Aj

This is another group who has recently reunited with their album Ten Years. Not only has their sound matured, but their new music is just as good as the songs you listened to over and over in elementary school. Though they didn’t return to as much fanfare as the Jonas Brothers, they did return—and if you don’t listen to their album, you are wrong.

7. Lemonade Mouth

No, Lemonade Mouth was technically never a real band. Yes, their discography was capped at one movie soundtrack. That is the exact reason why they need to make a return. Bridgit Mendler, the band’s lead vocalist, is busy earning her graduate degree at MIT (absolute queen), but I know she would be down. In 2016, her EP Nemesis was released and I am fully serious when I say that “Ready or Not” is one of the best songs of the decade. Quote me. Other notable member, Hayley Kiyoko, is beginning to make a name for herself in the music industry, so what’s stopping them? The other three? I have absolutely no idea what they are doing, which probably means that they would be down for the extra coin.

6. Vanessa Hudgens

Everyone remembers Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella from “High School Musical,” but have we forgotten about her amazing solo career? From club hits like “Baby Come Back To Me” and “Sneakernight” to the literally heartbreaking single “Say Ok,” I am fully prepared to support the return of “Baby V,” just maybe under a more age-appropriate stage name. Vanessa is fine.

5. Jordan Pruitt

I beg you to look up the song “Jump To The Rhythm” right now. Like, stop reading this and look it up. If you don’t remember it, I’m sorry for you. If you do, then you agree with me that Jordan Pruitt needs to leave whatever job she is currently working and become a musician again. I don’t even remember why this song was always played on Disney Channel, and I do not remember why she sang it, but I do know she opened up the 2006 “High School Musical” tour with it and I fully lost my mind. If no one else listens to your new music, Jordan, I will. You have my word.

4. Black Eyed Peas

I’m pretty sure the Black Eyed Peas might still be making music, but I know Fergie is not involved in any way so what’s the point. For a brief moment in history, the Black Eyed Peas ran the world. They had hits ranging from “I Gotta Feeling” to “Boom Boom Pow,” and backed by’s insane production, they were on top of their game. But oh, how the mighty fall, and they fell—hard. They released an uninspired album to no fanfare, Fergie left and the Black Eyed Peas that we knew and loved were gone. Now, it’s been long enough. Fergie, I’ll give you a few dollars to rejoin the group and record another album. It’s all I have.It’s everything I need. 

3. Fifth Harmony

Unlike the rest of this list, this wound is still pretty fresh. Making it as a girl group in today’s music industry is extremely hard, but Fifth Harmony managed to do it. When Camila Cabello left, they were doomed. Now, Camila has released an album that was pretty good, Lauren has released some songs that were not so good, Dinah Jane is doing nothing, Normani isn’t living up to her full potential and Ally is working at Arby’s. I’ll give them a few years to get their sh*t together, but then they need to re-band. It’s only right.

2. Destiny’s Child

Full disclosure, I never really listened to Destiny’s Child. I’ve heard a bunch of their songs like literally every other human on earth has, but I was never a fanatic. That being said,  “Say My Name” is one of my favorite Beyoncé songs, and I don’t think she’s ever topping 4, so they might as well work together again. That Super Bowl reunion was a lot of fun.

1. The Mystery Gang from the Live Action Scooby Doo Movies

My last entry is not technically a band, but they did steal our hearts. Can you imagine a modern reunion of the live-action Scooby Doo cast? Others have tried to replicate their power, and no one has come close. I recently saw Linda Cardellini, who played Velma, in “Green Book,” and she’s still at the top of her game. As is Sarah Michelle Gellar. If it’s just those two, I’m fine. And Scooby, of course.

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