As much as we may try to avoid it, one of the cornerstones of being a college student in America is the consumption of cheap, watered down, low-end beer. Every now and then we may treat ourselves to a Corona or two, but for the most part it’s these gas station classics that have been proven to enhance the college experience more than any other. 

10 – Genesee 

Have you ever felt the need to sit back, relax and pour yourself an ice-cold pint of mediocrity? If so, then pick up a tallboy of this Rochester classic for only 99 cents at your nearest distributer. 

9 – Rolling Rock

Like the name suggests, drinking this beer is indeed like rolling a rock, slow and painful. However, coming in at just over a buck the price tag alone justifies this “extra pale” ales spot on the list. 

8 – Bud Light  

It’s fine, I guess, but certainly not the best. Their great marketing scheme separates this classic from the rest. 

7 – Keystone 

I’m not going to lie, if it wasn’t for the “Hunt the Stone” sweepstakes, I probably would never buy this beer. However, its taste bears a striking resemblance to Coors, Bud Light and many others at half the price. 

6 – PBR

The iconic “hipster beer”. If you are a New Paltz student and have yet to be hypnotized by it’s hoppy beer flavor, you’re doing yourself and your community a disservice. Just look at that logo and tell me that isn’t New Paltz.

5 – Tecate 

This beer is considered the “Mexican Bud Light”. Mexico definitely has us beat in the beer department. It’s a step up from most American brews, but your still going to want to throw a lime in. 

4 – Miller Light 

Unlike the others I have discussed, this beer actually tastes like a beer. From funneling to shotgunning or whatever your method of choice may be when it comes to forcing alcohol into your body at high speeds, it’s going to be a bit harder to get down. 

3 – Old English 

An all-time classic, the Old-E. Whether it’s the tallboy or the classic 40 oz., this malt liquor checks all the boxes. This brew has certainly stood the test of time and for good reason. Since the late ’80’s, it’s been providing students with a beer that doesn’t taste like an unbalanced mix of water and urine, is 5.9 ABV and is most importantly, cheap. It’s only downfall being that it sacrifices some of its flavor for the increased alcohol percentage. It’s still pretty good, all things considered. 

2 – Natty Daddy 

The daddy of all beers. 25 ounces of 8% alcohol for 99 cents. If you can handle the taste, it’s hard to beat. Thank you, Anheuser-Busch. 

1 – Natty Daddy… but with  an orange

All the perks of the Natty Daddy without the risk of losing your lunch. Simply, the perfect combination.