Top Ten Favorite Cocktails

If a pen isn’t in my hand then a drink is bound to be in place of it. This week I’m sharing my top ten must-drink cocktails. I would tell our underage readers to abstain from this page, but hey, as a veteran if you are able to enlist I think you should be able to at least order a drink- These are in no particular order other than being my top picks while out on the town.

10. White Russian

Made with 2 ounces of vodka, 1 oz. of coffee liqueur, an ounce of cream or half and half poured over ice. It should be shaken, but I’m lazy on this rule. The Dude may have abandoned this decadent drink for the Super Bowl commercial slot, but this creamy drink will never be replaced by a Stella Artois for me- with the exception of the 2011 Super Bowl Stella commercial featuring Adrien Brody. 

9. Spiced Hot Toddy

With one fourth pt. of apple juice, an ounce of apple schnapps, a teaspoon of honey with a star anise, and apple slices to serve, this cup of juice is sure to warm the coldest of nights. I find it best to concoct this beverage in a pan, but to each their own.

8. Caipirinha

Ingredients needed include one lime, 2 teaspoons of superfine sugar, ice and two ounces of Brazil’s finest export- Cachaca (pronounced kah-sha-sah), this drink makes it plausible that there is no sin south of the equator. In my 10 days spent in Brazil, not a single night was spent without this drink touching my lips. I cannot recommend this drink enough for when you find yourself in a tropical paradise.

7. Mulled Wine

This beverage lets everyone know that you’ve got sophistication, but I’m not even going to bother putting down the needed ingredients because this drink can be made in a plethora of ways. All you really need is some red wine and a Pinterest account to discover what to throw into the pot with it. If you are too lazy to make it yourself, Jar’d Wine Pub on Main Street makes a mean mug of it!

6. Bee Sting

Requires 6 ounces of mead and 6 ounces of hard cider. This isn’t really a cocktail but it is delicious. I first came across it at the Medieval Fair down in Tuxedo Park and I plan on returning this summer to take part in their tavern hopping trail. Who says day drinking can’t be festive?! 

5. Whiskey Sour

Another that allows some flexibility in the spirit used is the whiskey sour. I’m not necessarily picky on the shelf pick of whiskey, but it requires 2 ounces of whiskey, a teaspoon of sugar syrup, and squeezing out half a lemons juice. This drink must be served on the rocks, and is shaken, not stirred. It’s also optional to add some egg white, but I haven’t taken that risk yet.

 4. Manhattan 

This drink resembles the color of the drinking water in New York City prior to the Catskill reservoir being open for use to the city. Made with 2 fluid ounces of bourbon or rye whiskey, an ounce of sweet vermouth, a dash or two of angostura bitters and a maraschino cherry to finish it off, though I take extra cherries in mine.

3. Red Restorer

Some folks might reach for a gatorade, advil or just struggle with a hangover, but this scarlet drink will take the red out of your eyes. One part pomegranate juice, one part cranberry juice, and a third part vodka over crushed ice and you are all set! Add in some pomegranate seeds for some texture or leave it as is. Fun fact about pomegranates, its a fruit that the greeks and romans believed to give strength to warriors before battles and was the fruit that kept the Goddess of Spring, Persephone down in the underworld with her bea, Hades. Unfortunately pomegranate season is just about over so prices on these banging seeds will go up.

2. Sangria

 I view this as the summertime version of mulled wine— and being that we are in the dead of winter I’m just dreaming of the day I can sit out in the sun with a cold glass of this. There are various combos to this drink too, buying fresh fruit slices to soak in the alcohol goodness is a must!

1. Flaming Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

This drink is not for the faint of heart, and to be honest I have had a hard time downing this shot in the past but if you want to level the bar, show off your drinking palate, or if you are a masochist like me then this deathly drink belongs in your hand. You’ll need one part Jack Daniels, one part Jim Bean, a fourth of an ounce of Johnny Walker, same portion of Jameson Irish Whiskey, a splash of 151, a lighter and all the help you can get.

Drinks that didn’t make my list but are decent enough to get recognition are the Black Death found at Murphy’s, Irish Whiskey, and a drink I have lost the recipe to, the notoriously delicious Wet Pussy.

Feel free to shoot me an email if your favorite drink made it onto my list, or if you have any recommendations for me, and I hope to see you at the bar some time!