Town Board Close To Passing Electric Car Charging Stations

Photo by Robin Weinstein.
Photo by Robin Weinstein.
Photo by Robin Weinstein.

Town Supervisor Susan Zimet said it’s “very possible” New Paltz may soon be home to electric car charging stations in town parking lots.

After discussions about the possibility of installing electric car chargers were held at the Town Board’s Feb. 20 meeting, Zimet said she is confident it will pass once a vote is held at the Feb. 27 meeting.

“The only reason we didn’t vote ‘yes’ on it at our last meeting was that we were missing one of our board members and we wanted to make sure everyone on the board got a say,” Zimet said. “There’s no reason to not vote [yes] on this.”

New Paltz has a tradition and commitment to environmental consciousness, Zimet said. She also said there are several opportunities already in New Paltz for electric car chargers to be used. Zimet said among the electric cars already owned by community members, the town purchased a hybrid car for the police department which will be compatible with the electric car chargers.

Councilman Dan Torres said having electric car chargers in New Paltz will further promote the town as being environmentally-conscious, and will aid in the town’s path toward sustainability.

“New Paltz is the kind of community where we promote walking and bike riding, but obviously people need cars as well,” Torres said. “We want to have these chargers installed because they’ll encourage residents to purchase electric cars, which will in turn make us more sustainable.”

Though not yet official, the town is looking for ways to fund the installation. The cost of purchase has yet to be determined. Torres said the town started shopping around for grants before official confirmation because they want New Paltz to be eligible to receive grants early.

“This is definitely something community members are interested in and something they believe will improve the town,” Torres said. “We want to send in grant requests early so we can be first in line to receive them.”

Zimet said this is one of several initiatives toward improving the town’s energy conservation. She also said the town has already talked with several firms who have interest in aiding New Paltz’s push for energy conservation.

Torres said he believes having electric car chargers in New Paltz is a perfect fit with the community.

“We’re blessed to have people in our community who are environmentally-conscious and see the good that having electric car chargers in our community will bring,” Torres said. “This will be great for New Paltz now and in the future as well.”