New Paltz Give-Back: Sending Love to Those Who Serve — Valentine’s for Veterans

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with love in the air, it’s easy to forget to think of those without a valentine. An easy way to spread the love this February is through Valentines for Veterans.

For many years, Valentines for Veterans has provided friendly cards and messages to those in service to provide them with comfort during their time on duty. After receiving card donations in San Antonio, they are distributed to veterans throughout the country. 

Cards can be store bought or handmade and the deadline to donate is Feb. 14, 2022. In addition to a message, cards may include candy or gifts to provide an extra special feeling for the recipient. 

Due to the rising amount of interest in this program, Valentines for Veterans requests a payment of $1 per card to assist in payment for shipment of the valentines. This is a small cost to pay for the amount of good it’ll be putting into someone else’s day.

If you’re interested in sending a heartfelt message to a veteran, you can send your cards to Soldiers’ Angels for Veterans, 2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107 San Antonio, Texas 78218. 

Additional information can be found on their website 

A little bit of kindness can go a long way, and this is a perfect way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day. 

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