Ways to Support Small Business Owners This Holiday Season and Next

It’s no secret that it is going to be a different sort of holiday season. In place of gift exchanges, there will be sanitized packages on the doorstep. Family gatherings will look a lot smaller than usual. And with all of this chaos, it might seem easy to click a few buttons on your phone and order Amazon gifts for everyone on the wishlist. But let’s be honest, Jeff Bezos doesn’t need any more of your money. He isn’t struggling to put food on the table, unlike many this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain it has put on businesses and the economy. Instead of checking out that Prime delivery day, maybe we could focus our efforts on some small business shopping instead. Here are just a few small online shops that deserve some support. 

ThePixiePlaceCo – Okay, this shop has my whole heart. Not only that, they have THE BEST Disney shirts that don’t make you cringe when you see pictures. Any merchandise that can be worn in public without weird looks from others is a win in my book. Plus, this small shop is constantly doing sales and promotions so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, and even without the discounts it is still cheaper than buying licensed Disney products. 

FelizModern – This San Antonio-based small business also has an online shopping feature and they offer unique gifts! Take that, Jeff Bezos. I bet Amazon doesn’t have a Harry Styles Christmas card or a brightly colored throw pillow made in India. (Okay, even if they do, I bet this one is better quality.) 

SeltzerGoods – This website has aesthetically pleasing puzzles and candles at a college student budget. Who could ask for anything better? These also look like they could be found at the local Cocoon store on main street. From the Fruit lady jigsaw puzzle to a zodiac tote bag that looks like it could be found on the quad, you are sure to find something on Seltzer’s website that is sure to please. 

The Brass Owl – A NYC shop that offers cute products on a budget. The highlight, however, is a care package that can be completely customized to the recipients desires. From anywhere between $40 and $100, a box can be put together of chic items that are custom picked, who wouldn’t want that? 

Miss Marisa Monograms – This shop is perfect for anyone who wants something a little more personalized. MissMarisa offers “Comfort Colors” t-shirts at an extremely affordable price, and they can even be monogrammed! I’m not lying when I say that these t-shirts are THE BOMB, and are perfect for a casual cover up or sleep shirt. At this time, she isn’t promising delivery by Christmas, but it might just be worth the couple extra days for these thoughtful shirts. 

Seeker and Slade – Alright witches and wizards, you are in for a treat. Seeker and Slade offers Harry Potter merchandise without supporting J.K. Rowling, and it isn’t your typical middle-school tee. They have affordable crewnecks and tees, including this pre-order for a Burrow sweater that would be perfect for another “Harry Potter” marathon. 

Archive Sunday – This one is popular on TikTok lately for their wall collages. They have just about every house or theme imaginable, and it is printed on high quality paper and wrapped delicately before being shipped. For someone who has fallen back into a Harry Potter obsession over lockdown but isn’t sold on clothing, this is a perfect gift. Archive Sunday doesn’t only sell to the Potterheads, but also to those who would rather storm the Death Star than break into Gringotts. 

This is just a handpicked list of small shops; there are countless others that can be found with a quick Etsy search or Instagram scroll. The important thing is to simply look outside your typical chain brands to find gifts for those you love this year; it is a gift for the small business owner as well. 

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