2010 NFL Preview

Photo courtesy chrisross91.wordpress.com/

Photo courtesy chrisross91.wordpress.com/

NFC East:

Giants – 10-6

Cowboys – 9-7 *

Redskins – 9-7

Eagles – 8-8

The NFC East is arguably the NFL’s toughest division. Every team made roster changes that caught headlines and should bolster their everyday lineups. The biggest splash had to be the Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, one that will ultimately cost them as they watch themselves drift into the bottom of the pack this year. The Giants added a new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell who should jumpstart the once dominant defense the Giants have been known for.

NFC North:

1.       Packers – 11-5

2.       Vikings – 8-8

3.       Bears – 7-9

4.       Lions – 6-10

The NFC North is pretty predictable. Aaron Rodgers continues to excel more and more every year, and should successfully solidify himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL this year. Brett Favre’s magic will run out for the Vikings this year; they simply cannot continue to rely on Mr. Retirement yet again. Eventually, even Brett Favre needs to run out of steam. In addition, the Vikings face an incredibly tough schedule full of strong defenses to start off the year.

NFC South:

1.       Saints – 11- 5

2.       Falcons – 9-7 *

3.       Panthers- 7-9

4.       Bucs – 3-13

The Saints should continue their conquest of the NFC this year. They are simply too good to be stopped. Drew Brees is the real deal. However, should the Falcons continue to improve, they could be a real contender for the NFC South title next year as Matt Ryan continues to become a top-tier quarterback.

NFC West:

1.       49ers – 8-8

2.       Cardinals – 8-8

3.       Seahawks – 6-10

4.       Rams – 2- 14

The NFC West is truly the NFL’s worst division. The once exciting Cardinals currently do not have a quarterback who is worthy of starting on any team, which will make the West almost unbearably boring. The Seahawks brought former USC Cheater (I mean Coach) Pete Carroll to try and fix the team, but I don’t expect any change. In fact, I would not be shocked to see the winner of this division with a record below .500. Good God, these teams are awful.


AFC East:

1.       Patriots – 10-6

2.       Jets – 10-6 *

3.       Dolphins-  9-7

4.       Bills-  3-13

Finally, the much talked about AFC East comes into play. For much of the spring, we have been subjected to the boisterous Rex Ryan huffing and puffing about how the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl. Well, unfortunately Rex, your team is not that good. While no one can argue that the Jets have the potential to be a great team, there are just too many question marks surrounding them. Especially with Mark Sanchez’s ability to avoid a sophomore slump.

AFC North:

1.       Ravens – 12-4

2.       Steelers -9 -7

3.       Bengals -8-8

4.       Browns- 4-12

The AFC North is an interesting set of teams. The Ravens added high profile wide receiver Anquan Boldin, which coupled with outstanding young quarterback Joe Flacco, should provide the Ravens with a thriving passing game. The Bengals added Terrell Owens, which probably will do more harm than good when he is coupled with the only ego that is bigger than his in the NFL, Chad “Ocho-Cinco.” The Steelers will be solid, and if they can overcome Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension, could be a dangerous team.

AFC South:

1.       Colts – 11-5

2.       Texans – 10-6 *

3.       Titans – 8-8

4.       Jaguars – 7-9

The Colts are the obvious choice in this division. However, the real story should be the Houston Texans. Every year I have always predicted the Texans having a big year, and this year I think that it might actually happen. Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub coupled with the solid Texans defense could lead to the team’s first playoff appearance.

AFC West:

1.       Chargers – 10-6

2.       Broncos -7-9

3.       Cheifs – 7-9

4.       Raiders 6-10

Different league, same results for the West. While these teams are not quite as horrific as their NFC counterparts, every team except for the Chargers is destined for a subpar year. Phillip Rivers and the Chargers should have little to no trouble capturing another division crown. The only real story here is that the Raiders should win more than five games this year.