2012 Becomes A Year of Living Well

Have you been feeling tired or anxious lately?

Sharon Lococo, former psychology student at SUNY New Paltz and licensed mental health counselor, hosted the first “Living Well in 2012” workshop on April 9. The workshop is dedicated to controlling anxiety in stressful economic and social times.

“A lot of people have seen that it’s a crazy time on the planet, a lot of people have anxiety,” Lococo said.

Her workshop, dedicated to balance, peacefulness and strength, focuses on learning about scientific, indigenous and ancient perspectives. She revealed some tips for all to learn.

Lococo demonstrated ways on how people within the community can manage their energy, manage their thoughts and emotions, including a 20-minute meditation technique.

“This meditation technique will be just one of the many examples on how people can anchor themselves in clarity and emotionally,” said Lococo.

Lococo said she encourages students to attend the workshops.

“I know from my own personal experience, I was stressed once I left college. There’s a bigger impact today with all the stress going on globally. I’m hoping to offer students the same things I learned through meditating,” she said.

Lococo said she hopes to help individuals in their own personal environments.

Lococo said her workshop is inspired by Professor Herbert Benson, M.D. from Harvard University Medical School. The study encompasses on how meditation may impact individuals in changing economic times.

Lococo said the article suggests that people who meditate often, visit doctors less frequently than the average person. Meditation reduces blood pressure, according to the study.

“Society has made us workaholics or addicted to sports,” Lococo said. “People are not looking at the inside and how they are feeling.”

Lococo said there are other ways to emotionally stabilize oneself. Through her own techniques, she hopes to educate the community.

“How you feel is really important and it’s really up to us how to operate it in a better way to have a better quality of life,” Lococo said.

“Living Well in 2012” is hosted on Mondays at 7 p.m. on 134 Main St. To make an appointment, call 845-453-1082.