Holocaust Survivor Speaks

March 29, 2012 Bryan Ahrens 0

When Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr spoke on campus, she gave a vivid account of her experiences in Germany. Despite the horror she faced, Schorr said she was determined not to have people feel bad for her. One question Schorr said she constantly asked herself during her experience was, “Why wasn’t the free world stopping these horrible things?” Schorr spoke on Tuesday, March 6 to an auditorium in Coykendall Science Building. The event was sponsored by the Honors Advisory Board Events Committee and was made possible by honors student Sarah Hershey. Hershey and Schorr […]

Just The Tip Keeps It Up

March 29, 2012 Carolyn Quimby 0

Just The Tip hasn’t had a hard time thrusting themselves into the New Paltz music scene. The band members, fifth-year contemporary music studies major Damien Jackson (guitar), fourth-year jazz performance major Sam Smith (bass) and first-year biology major Jeremy Truitt (drums), have been working to expand their musical catalog for nine months. The band came together when Smith, who had a few classes with Jackson, asked him to play a Slash Root gig with him. They decided to start with just cover songs, then tried out drummers and eventually joined up with Truitt, Smith’s hometown friend. “We just started to play a bunch of shows last semester,” Jackson said. “It just seemed to happen naturally. It wasn’t forced.” Both Smith and Jackson started playing music when they were young. Smith learned the bass through his friend Ray when he was 13. Jackson, once a self-proclaimed jock […]

Leaving a Legacy

March 29, 2012 Ben Kindlon 0

Finishing off his four-year career in the 2011-12 season with 1,512 points, Harris Wichard earned the rank of fifth all-time scorer in Hawk’s basketball history. Wichard scored 450 points this season alone, averaged 17.3 points per game and led the team with 76 assists. Wichard played a crucial role […]