Holocaust Survivor Speaks

Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr recently spoke on the SUNY New Paltz campus.
Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr recently spoke on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

When Holocaust survivor Anita Schorr spoke on campus, she gave a vivid account of her experiences in Germany. Despite the horror she faced, Schorr said she was determined not to have people feel bad for her.

One question Schorr said she constantly asked herself during her experience was, “Why wasn’t the free world stopping these horrible things?”

Schorr spoke on Tuesday, March 6 to an auditorium in Coykendall Science Building. The event was sponsored by the Honors Advisory Board Events Committee and was made possible by honors student Sarah Hershey.

Hershey and Schorr have a long history. Hershey said Schorr’s story stayed with her after the two met at Hershey’s summer camp program five years ago.

“I thought of Anita immediately, and I realized it would have been practically a crime if I didn’t try to get her here,” Hershey said.

The  audience, comprised of students, faculty and other Holocaust survivors, listened as Schorr gave her account of what had taken place in Germany. She began with a photo slideshow featuring personal photos of her family and friends.

“She’ll discuss her experiences, but she’s very determined to look forward,” Patricia Sullivan, Interim Director of the Honors Program, said. “She [Schorr] is committed to urging people to take action so there will never be
another Holocaust.”

At the end of the event Schorr was given the opportunity to answer questions from the audience.

She said she tries not to dwell on hate alone and that she doesn’t want to harbor animosity toward the Germans. She wanted to make it very clear that if someone focuses all of their energy on hatred alone, they cannot become anything more than a hateful person.

“I do not hate the German people,” Schorr said. “I hate the Nazis.”