A letter from Mark Beaumont

My name is Mark Beaumont and I am proud to say I’ve spent just a year shy of half my life in this wonderful place we call New Paltz.  In 1994 I chose to attend Suny New Paltz as a music major for several reasons but it was the vitality and charm of the village that played a big part in my decision.  Today I am very blessed to say I am now a loving father and husband as well as a New Paltz homeowner.

During my seventeen years here, there was one occasion in particular when I was especially proud to be a resident of New Paltz and that was when Jason West was elected mayor.  The list of accomplishments during the short amount of time he was in office is nothing short of impressive.  Jason West will bring clarity and focus to the many issues we face as a community as well as foster an environment of partnership as we collectively tackle those issues.  To speak plainly, Jason West stands head and shoulders above the rest.
The world we live in is changing and evolving right before our very eyes.  The decisions we make as a community will define us as we step forward to meet our future.  Make the right decision for the future of New Paltz on May 3rd by voting for Jason West for mayor.
Mark Beaumont
New Paltz