A letter from Matthew Flusser

Dear Editor:

As a community volunteer, parent and
homeowner in the village, I am very happy that Ariana Basco is running for Village Trustee. In the past few years I have known and worked with Ariana on campus and on issues affecting our village, I have been very impressed with her positive professionalism.  Ariana takes a fresh look at environmental and sustainability issues.  We worked side by side in order to get more local food on campus.  It was not easy, and there is more work to do, but we did it together and met goals that many thought were impossible even just a year ago.

Ariana has served on our Town Police Commission.  She does not shy away from things just because it can be a hard road to accomplish them.  She perseveres: Makes a plan and sticks with it to the end. I think we are in a time where we need new ideas and that means fresh eyes and sometimes hard answers so that we can make positive change for our future. The old guard always says, ‘Now is not the time.’  This is the wrong way to be.  We have to say, ‘Now is the time, let’s do it a new way, the right way for the good of our community, state, country, and planet!’ The time to start change is now and Ariana Basco is someone who can help us start the the process of change for our village now.  Please join me in voting for Ariana Basco, Positive Party, on May 3.

Matthew Flusser